Exported 1966 Barracuda Barn Find

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After sitting since 1977, Steve Jackson pulled this 1966 Barracuda out of a barn in France with only 60K on the odometer.
The original owner bought the car in June 1966 acording to the original title.
The second owner bought it, parked it in a barn and never drove it. Steve bought it at an estate sale where there were over 200 cars, motorcycles and tractors stored.
Guessing by the paint job, the original owner may have raced the car, although there is no supporting info.
The car is missing its front bumper and all its grills lending to the belief the parts were removed for racing.
The car is an original 273 V8, 2 bbl, 4 speed manual transmission car thats not in bad shape. Check out the turn signal lever. The brackets for the auto transmission console are there, but no console. Option code 393 got the 4 speed installed.
The interior looks pretty good for its age. It even came equipped with a woodgrain sport steering wheel indicating the car may have been ordered with the 359 Sports Group package. We know it has the 351 Basic Package since its a 2bbl 273 and it has a Performance Indicator. Option code 573 would have gotten the steering wheel without the rest of the Sport Group package.
The carpet looks like every other early Barracuda, badly sun faded.
The car came with Kelsey-Hayes front disk power brakes that are part of the Performance group that included the Commamdo 273. Since the car has the 2 bbl 273, item code 451 got the power booster and 479 got the disk brakes installed. Where the Fender Tag would be are the Import Tag and the "Made in USA" tag.
Simca Automobiles was owned by Chrysler and acted as the import company. Its listed as a Valiant V-200.
VIN tag matching the import tag.
Plymouth Division of Chrysler Corp. "Made in U.S.A."
The CertiCard is located on the top of the inner passenger side fender toward the front of the radiator support.
The CertiCard most likely got shipped blank with the car from the US and since the US dealerships would stamp them with the owners information for warranty purposes, its likely the Simca dealers in France didn't have the same warranty procedure in place, so all imported cars CertiCards may have been left blank.
The original French title of the car indicating it was sold in 1966. It also designated the car as a 7 passenger vehicle!

French 1966 Barracuda Barn Find

"Bounjour, America!"