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Charlie Barranco, "65 Cuda, 273 Commando. 2nd owner. Has 39,000 original miles. 90% original (Yes it's true.)"


I got this car from the original owner who bought it at Martin Chrysler Plymouth in San Diego. It was meticulously serviced by the same mechanic for all the years she had it. When I went to the Chevron Station in Del Cerro ( San Diego) to get copies of those records, after getting the car, the station had been bought by some "middle eastern gentlemen" who informed me that they had "disposed "of all the previous owners records! Unbelievable.

Anyone worth their salt can look at this car and check the Fender Tag #'s and see it is what it is . And it's obvious it was well maintained. I did the first brake job on it that it ever had. It only had 32,000 miles on it when I got it.That brake fluid was scary! The factory order sheet was still under the back seat. It even has the original "blue streak "spare tire" in the trunk.oh. and this car is serial #00036 for the '65 Barracuda's.

right side   rear