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John Flagg tells
his own story:

John Flagg


I bought the car in 1992 in someones back yard for my son to rebuild. Well, its like most things he had no money to rebuild it. We did a little to it like windows, finding parts in junkyard, etc. It was a basket case for sure. A little rust but not bad! So my son not having any money he sold it!!

I've had 4 corvettes in between the time i had that car, but always wished I had finished the car. well I ran into the guy my son sold it to and asked him about it. It was 16 years ago when he bought it, he said he never did anything to it and had it stored all them years! so I told him I wanted it back that it was something I needed to finish. So he sold it back to me three years ago and I've been working on it since! I love that car and now, I'm driving it!!!!!!!!!!

Passenger engine rear