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Juha Berner tells the story of his fathers 1966 Barracuda. From its import to Finland, its racing history and its homecoming.

I own a rare Barracuda Formula S –66 rally car. Our family company was importer of Chrysler cars in Finland the years 1955-1976. This Barracuda was first my father’s private car until Finnish rally drivers Bo Gunnar Granroth and Esko Keinänen needed a Formula S for the Monte Carlo Rally in –67. This Formula S model was the only one in Finland at that time. So my father gave his private car to these rally drivers.

interior dash cargo

After the Monte Carlo and a couple of Finnish national rallys later the car was reconstucted back for normal trafic. The Barracuda was fully restored back to rally in 2000-2001 and was back at the Monte Carlo Historic Rally 2002, 20003 and 2004. At the moment the last rally this car took part in was the European Historic Championchip rally in Lahti / Finland 2008. In time of that rally I bought the car.

When the driver got the information that the car was sold, he got a bit nervous and at the last special stage he drove out. Damage was not big, only front bumber and fender were damaged. Now the car is again in top condition and ready for new challanges. At the moment we are waiting for the winter and ice so we can have more fun with this Barracuda.

engine rear fuel cell

After 42 years and 19 owners the car is back at home. I am very exited to have had this opportunity to buy back my Fathers old car, a car with a fantastic history.

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