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UK Valiant

But this is to let you know that we have a 1962 Plymouth Valiant, which is LHD (not the norm for us in the uk) The speedo is in KMH, so we think it may have been one of the ones which was to be exported to Australia. It appears to be original interior, but the outside has been resprayed. Engine is original, thanks to your web pages, and Chrysler US for confirming this.

RF front

We love this old girl, and with no disrespect to other classic car owners, she turns heads everywhere we go. Most of our friends are Hot Rodders, and there are a few old chevy trucks. Most of our friends have UK cars such as the Ford Consul, Ford Zephyr and the Ford Zodiac, so she stands out from the crowd. Body work needs some TLC, but she is now a running project. We are hoping to restore her to full original colour etc, and I am soon sending a long letter with photos to Chrysler USA to the historic department for help in getting her to her original status. I wish all old UK cars were as fun to drive as this old girl is. A true credit to US workmanship.

lf rear

As far as I know, this appears to be the only one of its type in the UK, and finding parts is like finding Rocking Horse Poo to coin a phrase. I have to say, she is a brilliant runner, we love her to bits,

Best wishes from the UK,
Luv Nikki & Steve

interior interior rear